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Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Mindset

What did Christ say, once? There is no deafer man than who does not want to hear? It applies to women too! :-) Don't forget that antismoking is a religion!


What I know for sure is that there are many, many old smokers at the casino on Senior Day and they are all going to die of something:)

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From: Gian Turci
To: sam nettles ; elaine motes
Cc: * Michael McFadden ; cantiloper ; Samantha Phillipe
Sent: Sunday, July 22, 2007 4:16 AM

The problem with these anecdotes is the reverse attribution. The objective fact (in this case, gasping for air) exists, and it is ATTRIBUTED to what we BELIEVE is the cause, but the causality is not PROVEN, so the belief becomes the proof!!! We then turn to somebody in AUTHORITY to CONFIRM our beliefs -- and in case authorities disagree, we believe the one who agrees with our preconception, usually externally imposed, like in the case of cigarettes, and dismiss the other authority with some easy explanation à la "it has been paid by..." (write your beef here).As it can be seen, it is a chain of belief systems which has nothing to do with a scientifically demonstrated causality. In the specific example, if the brother-in-law would have been gasping for air and was a non smoker, the belief mechanism would have shifted to the next, most immediate "cause" offered by a "credible authority" to quickly and cheaply explain the phenomenon -- pollution from the factory next door, or something like that - and in that way justify the emotions tied to the non-acceptance of the unpleasant fact. The easy ideological bate is that the phenomenon (i.e.: gasping for air) WOULD NOT OCCUR unless there was a cause (that can be prevented and eliminated). Stretching this mentality we can easily state that death and disease would not occur if we were able to prevent all the causes. Here is the cheap dream of immortality packaged in cigarette format. :-) If we tax the cigarette we punish the smoker. If we punish the smoker people will smoke less and live longer, happier lives because they don't want to be punished, and cigarettes are EVIL (obviously Americans have learned nothing from the abysmal failure of the war on drugs).WRONG. Cigarettes are GOOD because they make you ENJOY whatever life you have before facing the INEVITABLE grave in which you'll go because of an INEVITABLE disease. Any other enjoyable choice of life is good for the same reasons. Which brings up the famous phrase of Thomas Szasz, the great American psychiatrist: "When all the causes of death will be eliminated, what will people die of"? :-)Time to wake up to reality, la-la land never existed but in our little heads. Taxation and prohibition never prevented death and disease - ever. But they sure always prevented people from being free and happy.GianAt 03:23 22/07/2007, sam nettles wrote:
You're right on about the presidents and the congress but the electorate is also to blame. Too many lies that have been believed. Can't buy the bad lungs from smoking. Happens to non-smokers too. I've known too many old healthy chain smokers. If the anti-smokers were right, they would all be dead. It doesn't take but a few to debunk all the junk science behind smoking bans. There are millions in the world. Tobacco smoke just can't cause cancer. Go to the above Cc addresses for all the info.

Sam Nettles -
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From: elaine motes
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Sent: Saturday, July 21, 2007 5:26 PM

Sorry to step on toes, but I watched my brother-in-law gasp for breath because of bad lungs from smoking, my brother-in-law was a worker, he liked to be working everyday, he would work for a while, gasp for air for awhile and my brother is on oxgyn part of each day because of it. But I feel if you want to smoke jump right on it.
I still feel we have a worthless congress and have had for several decades and the Presidents has been right there with them. I would like to get a pay araise like they get. I could vote myself one heck of a raise, couldn't you?


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From: sam nettles
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Sorry to hear that you are against smoking. I've been a heavy smoker since I was 10 years old and am now 70 and in good health. Congressional lung cancer would be great but it won't be because of tobacco smoke. More than likely it would be because of the industrial giants they protect.

Thanks for your thoughts,
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From: elaine motes
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Sent: Saturday, July 21, 2007 12:07 PM


I am against smoking also, but I would rather wear a gas mask than have Hilary or John in the White House. Besides that cancer of the lung couldn't happen to a better bunch of people than the ones we have in congress and the white house for about the last 40 years.


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From: sam nettles
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Sent: Saturday, July 21, 2007 10:33 AM


I just liked McCain because of his father and grandfather being admirals and his military record, both active and social!!!
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From: sam nettles
To: Jack Ritchie
Sent: Saturday, July 21, 2007 10:27 AM

Glad to learn that!!!!

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From: Jack Ritchie
To: sam nettles
Sent: Saturday, July 21, 2007 5:58 AM


Hi Sam,

Both Hilliary Clinton and McCain have always and still are strong anti-smokers. The first act Hilliary had done was to ban smoking on the White House premises when Bill Clinton was elected, and McCain has been in the forefront and a champion of every negative legislation against people who smoke.

Houston, Tx

Social Security

Three more days after a February death??? Corrective action is in order, not an explanation. If Mr. Breen, the Assistant Regional Commissioner for Processing Center Operations, can't take immediate action, then the whole system needs revision.


Sam Nettles -
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From: Jackie Ellis
To: sam nettles
Sent: Friday, July 27, 2007 8:07 AM
Subject: Re: Social Security

I did receive a reply the next morning....

Ms. ,

We have obviously created a confusing situation with multiple notices and unclear language. I will have your case reviewed and someone will contact you in the next several days with a better explanation of what is happening and why. I will also let the local office manager know about your experience in the West Fresno Office. Is there a telephone number where you can be reached during the day?

Steve Breen

sam nettles wrote:

This, of course, is a direct result of the Feds picking up the state programs back in the 80's and attempting to work them into the SSA. SSI was supposed to be handled by the General Fund, not the payroll tax, which was exclusively for eligible SS recipients. Tricky accounting allowed SSA to pretend SSI was not funded by the payroll tax but it was and is.

Your problem is also illustrative of the total lack of good management in both Government and Business. It's hard to get anything done over the phone these days and even when you find a live body somewhere, they don't know what they are doing. Forget finding an office nearby and again, the people don't know what they are doing when you do go to an office.

Maybe a change in Government Personnel is in order.

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From: Jackie Ellis
To: sam nettles
Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2007 11:20 AM
Subject: Social Security

Sam, here is something of interest on how our Social Security Administration works...
This is a letter I wrote, I have removed all the personal info from the original e-mail that I had sent

Jackie For Corey
Weathermaker .
Claim Number:
Western Program Service Center
P.O Box 2000
Richmond, CA 94802-1791
Date: July 25, 2007

Stephen Breen
Assistant Regional Commissioner,
Processing Center Operations

Hi my name is Jackie, Mother to the DESEASED Rebecca . On June 28, 2007 I was at the Social Security office @ Clinton , CA and filled out a request to be selected as Payee for my grandson Corey , who is a minor child.. Corey has no living parents. Previously his mother, Rebecca was his Payee until her death in Feb., 2007. Your system does show that was reported on Feb. 8, 2007. Prior to her death Rebecca had changed her mailing address from P. O. Box CA to Weathermaker CA. with the US Postal Service and also Social Security Administration, by mail.

I am receiving mail from the Social Security Administration addressed to Rebecca with the letter head showing her P O Box address, then put in a manila envelope, with the hand written address of the Weathermaker address. Rebecca is DESEASED and should NOT have any Social Security mail addressed to her.

Why I am witting you is the confusion that has taken place by
the Social Security Administration regarding Corey, the survivor in this matter.

1.The first letter addressed to the DESEASED Rebecca dated: June 11, 2007 Claim Number:
states: We are witting to give you new information about the child's benefit's which COREY receives on this Social Security record. You will soon receive a check for $7,706.00 because of a returned benefit check. (I was told by the Social Security office on Clinton , Ca. that it was a returned benefit check from May, 2007)

2. Second letter addressed to the DESEASED Rebecca dated: June 26, 2007 Claim Number
states:Based on information we have, we cannot pay benefits beginning June 2007

The person who received your payments will no longer be your representative payee. We are looking for another qualified person to receive your payments and use them for your needs, (HUH, the person who receives your payment?? that was the person with whom you addressed the letter to. I've heard of talking to the dead, but I hardly think so in this case!!)

3. The third letter addressed to the DESEASED Rebecca Dated: July 2, 2007 Number: states:
We have decided that it would be best for COREY if we continue to pay his Social Security checks to REBECCA . (How does one DESEASED do banking??) by proxy??

4. The fourth letter addressed to the DESEASED Rebecca dated: July 6, 2007 Claim Number:
states: Based on information we have, we can pay benefits beginning June 2007, you will receive $561.00 around July 14, 2007 This is the money Corey is due through June 2007

5. The fifth letter received addressed to me, Jackie dated: July 9, 2007 Claim Number
states: We have chosen you to be COREY'S representative payee. You will receive $561.00 for July around August 8, 2007

6. The sixth letter addressed to the DESEASED Rebecca dated: July 9, 2007 Claim Number:
states: We decided that it would be best for COREY to have his checks sent to another payee. (Do you really think a DESEASED person will read these letters??)

I have called Social Security's local office on West . , CA this is the office that serves my area also the 1-800-772-1213 on July 17, 2007 and July 18, 2007 and talked with a representative following up on papers I had filled out and dropped off at the above address regarding utilizing the Social Security Express Service on Request for Direct Deposit. I was told by the local office representative that the request express service IS NOT processed the same day as stated on the form. She proceeded to take my bank account number and said she couldn't help me any further, that I would have to call the 800 number. I called the 800 number and the women that helped me was very helpful. She answered all my questions, also entered my bank account number for direct deposit as it showed it wasn't input into the system. (Was I just doing a trial run with my local office??) Now I was told that ALL the returned checks would be re-issued and be here no later then the 23rd of July. As of this writting NOTHING!!.

Do you not have interlinking computer systems so that you all are on the same page?? And can retrieve the same information??? The person/persons who are sending out these letters evidentley are not doing the research that is required before making their desicions.

I have done everything that I was asked to do as a payee, ie. opened a special bank account for COREY and have forwarded that information to the Social SecurityAdministration

In the mean time we have a minor child with NO LIVING PARENTS and not receiving monies due him.

The reason that I am contacting you is that the letters received were ALL personally signed by you.

I expect an investigation into this matter and a reply to this e-mail in a timely manner.

Payee for COREY

Friday, July 20, 2007

Sam, Give Me Your Opinion Of This

I don't have much of an opinion. I know that a strong list of candidates is really necessary in these trying times but it seems they are all using the same old political appeal to whatever they think the voters want to here. The media seems to look for ways to promote whatever agenda they want and spin accordingly.

I liked McCain initially but Sandra doesn't like him, mainly because of his stand on illegal immigrants. He doesn't seem to be able to weather the storm. Maybe he'll come back. He's just in the wrong party and can't get the nomination with big money in control.

Hillary Clinton is a menopausal flip flopper. Barak Obama quit smoking for the stupid anti-smoker vote. Edwards is appealing but he gets $400.00 haircuts. Guiliana was great after 9-11 but everything else is off base. Thompson is an actor and we certainly don't need any more actors in the White House after dummy Ronald Reagan. Mit Romney is undecipherable. Bloomberg should understand that he will keep his money no matter what happens and quit promoting the robbery of everybody else. The few times I've heard Ron Paul say anything on TV left me an amnesiac. He's so wrong he can't be understood or remembered. Bill Richardson is an immature stupido. None of the candidates understand Social Security or the Health Care System.

Until the voters overcome all the lies they've been fed over the last several years and demand the truth from the candidates, and the candidates are able to communicate that truth, I guess we'll be stuck with more mediocrity.
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Sent: Friday, July 20, 2007 10:23 AM
isnt it amazing that the leading candidate with the voters and the only one that adheres to the constitution is completely ignored by the so called conservative party, makes you wonder what direction they really want us to go doesnt it
Rudy Takala July 19, 2007
With the decline of John McCain’s campaign treasury comes the accentuation of a spectacle worth noting. McCain currently has $2 million available in his campaign bank account; that puts him in fourth place among Republicans after Ron Paul, who has $2.4 million.
A couple of months ago, Saul Anuzi, chair of the Michigan GOP, petitioned to have Ron Paul banned from future debates. The reason, to summarize, was because he was doing better in polls regarding debate performance than any of the “top three” candidates. “I think Congressman Ron Paul … doesn't represent any of the Republican Party base” and is “getting in the way of the real debate of how to move our party” forward.
In a logical world, now that Paul is in the top three of everything except for media-controlled polls, Anuzi would petition to ban now-second-tier candidates like McCain, and pro-abortion candidates such as Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani, who are no longer contributing anything to the party. But for some reason, that isn’t happening.
By every possible measure of grassroots support, Ron Paul is a top-tier candidate for the Republican nomination. After the money, nothing points to that more than the most recent straw poll out of New Hampshire, conducted by the Coalition for New Hampshire Taxpayers. Paul won with 65% of the vote. Giuliani came in second with 8%.
On the social networking site Facebook, members are able to express support for their favorite candidate. Currently, Barack Obama is first with 35,000 votes. Giuliani is second with 13,000. Hillary is third with 11,000, and Paul is fourth with just over 10,000. Thompson is fifth, Romney is sixth, and McCain comes in at a stunning 9th.
As of June 27th, more than 18,000 people subscribed for Ron Paul updates on the video site YouTube. Barack Obama was second with 8,500. McCain was ninth with 1,400.
In order to prevent a conservative from winning the Republican primary, the media is looking for more contenders they can ordain as “top-tier” and who can actually stay in the top eight for more than a week. Sean Hannity lent a helping hand to unannounced contender Fred Thompson a while back, described in a June 8th column of Robert Novak’s. Thompson began to say something that seemed to hint he supported abortion:
“‘I would not be and never have been for a law that says, on the state level, if I were [a senator] voting on this… that, if they chose to criminalize a young woman, and --.’ Co-host Sean Hannity then interrupted: ‘So, states rights for you?’ Thompson replied: ‘Essentially, federalism. It's in the Constitution.’”
The month before, a caller to Rush Limbaugh asked him to support Ron Paul. In the midst of talking about how it wouldn’t be ethical for him to influence the primary process because he alone could determine the outcome, he said Paul didn’t have “a snowball’s chance” and said his views on foreign policy were “not realistic.”
To someone who’d likely say we should only support “electable” candidates, and who defines electable as being whomever he happens to support, it’s another way of endorsing the “anybody but Paul” candidate.
If Paul received a quarter of the media support the other candidates received, he’d be equal to Barack Obama. That a member of the U.S. House could hold third place in a presidential race is unprecedented in modern times. Even with the wrath of Saul Anuzi and every Republican media pundit in the country coming down upon him, he still wins every poll regarding debate performance. His popularity among those who see and hear him persists, even as every powerbroker in the party and in the media opposes him.
Given his level of support, I like Pat Buchanan’s suggestion. “By all means, throw out of the debate the only man who was right from the beginning on Iraq.” The effort to do so will betray what insufferable, depraved, self-righteous, power-mad, psychosis-stricken morons are leading our party.
A friend of mine who works for a Congressional representative has been muttering frequently as of late, “Light shines brightest in the darkest places.” By all means, let the darkness continue. That metaphor is the singular explanation for Ron Paul’s meteoric ascendancy. He is the northern star personified.
© 2007 Rudy Takala - All Rights Reserved

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dog Fights

The News is overwhelmed today with Michael Vick, the Atlanta Falcons QB, and dog fighting. I've never been to a dog fight and wouldn't go if I had the opportunity. I've loved too many dogs in my lifetime. There is the exciting memories of elementary schoolyard dog fights and even the human skirmishes. Combat is always fun to watch. However, killing is not, except for fighting chickens.

I fooled around with fighting chickens when I was a kid, mostly banty roosters, and knew some chicken fighters. I went to a few chicken fights after I was grown but two of them were raided by law enforcement officers and a third was raided by God when a tornado broke it up. I hate to see New Mexico and Louisiana outlaw the sport, even if I don't plan on going to another one, legal or illegal.

Human nature is loaded with impulses and activities that need to be controlled. Animal rights activists, however, turned me off when I saw them protesting the harmful use of rattlesnakes. We don't need rattlesnakes. They should be extinct.

I hate to walk past a house with pit bulls growling and barking by a flimsy fence. I used to carry a stick when I went to the liquor store a block away from my house in Ft. Worth. Recent stories about dog attacks on people are very disturbing. People do funny things. I used to know a woman that carried her African lioness around with her in the car.

What concerns me most, since a free society is a dangerous society, is our incredible ability to control just about everything in the modern world. Busting up institutions is the way to set up new societies. I'm just not sure we need a new society.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Comment T ABC News

My Comment to ABC News

Sam Nettles -
Real Texas Freedom -
RTF Blog -

Sent: Monday, May 07, 2007 5:27 AM At 70 and a heavy smoker since I was 10 years old, I can't buy any of the smoking ban garbage. For the national media to get hooked on junk science is awful. For God's sake, read the constitution, study state, local and the federal government. Draw the lines. Learn what your country is all about. Check out medical books and social history. Learn why this country is great and stop doing your best to destroy it. Sam Nettles - Real Texas Freedom

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Al Gore Doesn't Have A Chance!!!

Sam, My second hobby is Global Warming and Al Gore is a nut case:)

Recent research by Henrik Svensmark and his group at the Danish NationalSpace Center points to the real cause of the recent warming trend. In a series of experiments on the formation of clouds, these scientists have shown that fluctuations in the Sun's output cause the observed changes in the Earth's temperature.In the past, scientists believed the fluctuations in the Sun's output were too small to cause the observed amount of temperature change, hence the need to look for other causes, like carbon dioxide. However, these new experiments show that fluctuations in the Sun's output are in fact large enough, so there is no longer a need to resort to carbon dioxide as the cause of the recent warming trend.The discovery of the real cause of the recent increase in the Earth's temperature is indeed a convenient truth. It means humans are not to blamefor the increase. It also means there is absolutely nothing we can, much less do, to correct the situation.

Thomas Laprade
480 Rupert St.
Thunder Bay, Ont.
Ph. 807 3457258Canada
If the links don't work then paste them in your browser,2933,288195,00.html

Monday, July 09, 2007


On June 21, 2007, I submitted an op-ed article I wrote to the Austin American-Statesman
newspaper, hoping they would run it. It was originally 1,456 words in length. The editor emailed me back the next day to tell me he liked it, but couldn't use an editorial commentary of that length. He asked if I would consider editing it down to "...somewhere in the vicinity of 750 words?" Without losing too much of the originally intended message, I managed to accomplish that task, and they published it on Independence Day, July 4, 2007. I'd like to share these thoughts and feelings with each of you. Some of you may have read it already, but I'll send it to you anyway. If you feel this piece has any merit, please feel free to share it with others. If not, just delete it. Thanks.Roy A. Henley
Make America's future as glorious as its past
Austin American-Statesman
Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I sometimes get a sad feeling when I think about what's happening in
our nation today. There's so much dissension everywhere, and pride for
our country has diminished. I miss the great times we once had, and
wish something could be done to restore them.

Newspaper and television reports aren't much help, with so many stories
about crime, drug abuse and disregard for human rights. Disrespect for
one another and the laws of our society seem to be growing, too. And
through it all, the movies we watch and songs we hear often encourage
such behavior.

To make things worse, partisan politics is threatening many crucial
issues, but across the country, our legislators and judges seem
possessed by a disregard for public opinion. The sad part is, we're the
ones allowing this to happen.

What became of our government of the people, by the people and for the
people? In school, we were told we live in a democracy where the
majority rules. What ever happened to that?

Now we're faced with another dilemma: the immigration issue. This
further confirms my beliefs about political disregard for the will of
the people. Though most of us have no objections to anyone coming to
our country seeking a better life, we still want our borders secured.
We simply want immigrants to come here legally, learn our language, pay
taxes and assimilate into American culture.

We're also threatened by an insidious enemy whose combatants are
cowardly religious fanatics spreading terror around the world. For
them, killing innocent people is not for love of country; it's done in
the name of Islam. Sadly, the Silent Majority watches from the shadows
as the foundation of our nation crumbles.

Another sign of political disregard is the ease with which our
electorates have given in to the demands of certain extremists. As a result,
any mention of God or Christmas, displaying the Ten Commandments or
praying in school will invite judicial wrath.

And would someone please tell me why we hold our so-called celebrities
in such high esteem? How can they possibly have more value to us than
our real heroes; those who dedicate their lives to keeping us and our nation safe, educated and healthy?

I heard a song recently by country singer Merle Haggard. It asked this
question: "Are the Good Times Over for Good?"

While listening to the words, I thought of all the things gone wrong in
our country. We're frustrated by people killing and robbing one another. We've witnessed the horror of Sept. 11 and we're worried about our safety. But for years we've "kicked" God out of our lives, and now we're left wondering what's happening to our once civilized world.

Are the good times really over for good?

I'd like to believe they're not. I still have faith in the roots of America, and pray that someday, somehow we'll regain our senses. This can only happen, though, if we stand up for our rights, and demand that
our politicians provide the leadership they promised. It's time for
them to start listening to the people again, or expect to be replaced
by someone who will.

Inviting God back into our nation isn't a bad idea, either. Only then,
I believe, can we ever hope to bring back common sense, and as a
nation, begin to live and let live again.

Respecting the rights and beliefs of others, without trying to instill
our own into their lives is only right. However, I don't want extremists forcing their beliefs on me, and I certainly don't want them changing our time-honored traditions or threatening the sanctity of our nation.

Like most Americans, I love this country, and it's troubling to realize
we're losing our status as the world's leader. This isn't going to
change, though, until we all get involved in our future.

It's time to stand tall, and before it's too late, demand that our
leaders return to us a government we can all live with. The world's
respect for us is fading fast, and if we continue the way we're headed,
it may soon become just another memory.

God bless us all, and God bless America.
(Roy A. Henley, who lives in Spicewood, TX is a retired Houston police officer and a past president of the Highland Lakes Writers Clubin Marble Falls, TX.)

Friday, July 06, 2007

Money for cartoonists being laid off from newspapers

I've been watching C-span. Forget newspapers for the future. Sell ads like they do, set up a web site and concentrate on all the items currently put on the editorial page. Contact Congressman Lamar Smith of Texas, former head of the appropritate committee in Congress, for legalities. Split profits among assoc. members and contributors. Make sure editors and publishers don't have a say about content above and beyond what the assoc. wants.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Article in Armed Forces Journal - Dream Warriors

The article is probably right about everything but there's a few things that need to be added. Mark Twain's observation of mobs in Huck Finn, when a mob was dispelled by a single individual with a shotgun pointed at the leaders, for instance. There's also a general belief in universal truth, though this belief varies in different cultures and depends on what is swallowed by the masses. As far as Islamics go, I remember when my Muslem friends insisted I get some pornographic movies for them to see from my connections in the early 60's. They made copies. I guess that's a universal truth, sexual desire I mean. Hatred of Israel is universal but only in the Arab nations of the Middle East. Our leaders just have to concentrate on REAL universal truth.

Comment Published in Australia's Sun Herald

The worldwide smoking ban issue just proves that people in general are gullible and stupid and need God and intelligent worldly leaders to guide them. Education is not enough, not even for democracy. Human beings are selfish and ignorant. Smoking bans prove it.
Posted by: Sam Nettles of U.S.A. 6:32pm today