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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I don't find teenagers any different today than they were back in the fifties. Society deals with them differently. Building jails and turning kids over to bureaucrats seems to be the most popular way, today, but I don't remember the same situation back then.
I went to high school in a town of 7,500 in Taylor, Texas. Nothing like the "Happy Days" series on TV, Taylor had barbque stands and beer joints on every downtown block. There were six dance halls, two movie theatres, a drive-in, a teen den, at least ten pool halls, a country club, a baseball field, a city park and swimming pool, a nearby lake, numerous churches, three soda fountains (frequented by elementary school kids mostly), a river a few miles away and a world of teenage imagination. I didn't need my fake ID unless I went to Austin or Houston.
Real life sports heroes were high school kids that mingled with their public on a daily basis. Stands were full at all events. The daily newspaper never reported when kids got in trouble and their elders always managed to help them out. One kid had to go to Father Flanagan's Boys Town, but that wasn't so bad. He was special to those that knew him.
A song we used to sing best describes teenage life in the fifties in Taylor, Texas. Sung to the tune of the Notre Dame fight song, the song went like this:



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Sunday, September 23, 2007


Murder, rape, robbery, sexual obsession, phony community betterment, bans, government intrusion, dominant money interests, self righteous power, arrogant and immature leadership, unfair taxation, uneducated control, idolatry, prejudice, bias, smokescreen issues, complacency, economic idiocy, disrespectful patronage, meaningless protocol, spinning free speech, deaf to truth ears, prohibition, false prophets, Godless interpretations of the Word and invalid instruction about what God wants, all endanger America and perhaps the entire world.

Surely God is lurking behind the crack in the Liberty Bell.

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Free World Transformation To Slave World

Nothing to discuss. People have gone nuts. No common sense and no valid thought. Smoking bans have destroyed reason. Mind Control and junk science have proven how stupid the great majority of people are. Millions of old smokers prove how ignorant bans and the believers are. To argue about how to deal with the ignorance is to squirm around in a mixture of money, quicksand and cow manure.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Smoking Bans


Smoking bans reflect the most ignorant of all human endeavors. Fads such as what's best for the community are destroying freedom in the modern world. Junk science and health fools have joined forces to impose a political force unequaled to any in history except for the "Big Lie" anti-smoking effort of Adolph Hitler, who was able to play on the biased stupidity of the German people to almost control the world. Vigilance and a watchful, educated eye must exist to curb those who use prejudice to gain money and power. Common sense and observation techniques do not always exist in the minds of the general public.

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Up and Down

Bush and Bernanke Prop up Market

Up and Down

Volatility indicates that there is too much money to invest and not enough places to go with it. Maxed out credit leaves consumers with further problems even if more credit is made available. Broke businesses and monster mergers indicate off pattern patchwork that won't hold up. Bernanke and Bush can't be trusted.

Taxing the wealthy and using the money to prop up government responsibilities by hiring more people is the best short term answer. In the long term, the government needs to stop giving printed money to the Federal Reserve and simply deposit it and use it. The Fed is interested only in padding the pockets of financiers and increasing the debt of the government and the people.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Get in shape!!!!!

Get in shape
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we are many... they are few... we have good air down here... the air is thin up there... if the top is too heavy it always falls... when it does... we will forgive them all... but could I please just take a few of them out back of my place and settle it man to man... where I come from... we don't like people who sell out their ownsam nettles wrote:

In short, return to a 90% bracket for the extremely wealthy and deposit printed money in the Federal Reserve and use it, instead of giving it to private banks and borrowing and taxing to cover what belonged to the American people to begin with.

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Don't forget, there wouldn't be as many taxes and as much debt if the printed money, calculated to handle the production, was deposited instead of being given to the private banks. They can still make money off deposits, just like they make a lot of money when the money is free The system was created to allow big private banks to control the economy. The Federal Reserve is not a national bank. It is a collection of the largest private banks in the nation. The Congress does what the Fed tells them to do.

Seems "Big Government" is a little small on basic responsibilities these days, ie: nature, war, engineering, roads, education, bridges, law enforcement, immigration, general welfare promotion and everything else it's supposed to do.

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Subject: Re: USA Today Columnist Krantz on the Federal Reserve

This lady is off her rocker....thinks she knows something about economics. The Federal Reserve was the first and most powerful regulatory agency Congress/A Past President ever set up. It is what made big government possible. It loans to government and other smaller banks, and at a call from Congress will even print money to give to Congress. In a sense it is like the super banks of Europe, but they avoided calling it a bank because at the time it was created (and secretly I might add), because there was a lot of opposition in this country to the concept of a national bank.

Its primary purpose is to give money to government and maintain adequate control over the money supply to keep the country from economic collapse (depression). In reference to credit you are correct, credit is not is made off the borrower. Generally a way of looking at it is that for every dollar a person borrows, he pays back three. So in a case of a person being heavily in debt, most of that persons money goes to banks/financial institutions
toward repaying loans/debts. Of course one might think that saving would beat the system, but not so, taxes and inflation would still be greater than the gain(s) but at least you'd outright own what you own (except for land, you only lease that ....taxes are lease payments, default and you loose it).

Its all very complex and uses a lot of financial mechanisms such as the discount rate, etc. but in short the above is what is involved.

Houston, Tx
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