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Thursday, July 31, 2008


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Thursday, July 03, 2008


I think it's a phony issue. It's those who want higher prices for alternative energy development against those who want a controlled supply in order to maintain high prices. I was told by people in the oil patch that all the oil in Alaska goes to Japan, regardless of its percentage of total supply.Whatever we produce and import goes into the same pot which is distributed to our allies as well as to ourselves. Geologists told me that there's plenty of oil in the world so I don't care where it comes from as long as the price is right. Since the beginning of the oil supply and demand lies as a basis for pricing, I have thought that the oil should be used up and alternatives worked in gradually, no matter whether price controls are at work or a fair free market is at work. Consumption has had enough so far and if the oil isn't there in the future, some money hungry industry will find a substitute. Meanwhile lower prices are in order. Alaska is a diversion and a side tracked false premise.