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Monday, May 09, 2005

Letter To Austin American-Statesman

May 9, 2005

Creepy California's little sister, Weird Austin, Texas, demonstrated some improvement in Saturday's smoking ban election. Now only 51.8% of the voters are Anti-American, community wipe out, sheep children, Hitler children, scientific throwback, self righteous, Pharisee, Taliban loving, U.S. Constitution destroying, culture degenerating, Property Rights hating, wasteful, lying, and power grab funding, Health Department bureaucratic backing and poor boy taxation illiterates.

Second hand tobacco smoke is not a health hazard. Stay away from those grandchildren while they are going through the immune system development period for a true health hazard ban.

As the world goes goofy and paranoia strikes, Anti-Smokers are profiting while America and freedom suffer. Meanwhile, after 55 years of heavy smoking and 15 years of trying to get over the habit of biting my fingernails, I'll continue puffing cigarettes, thinking about biting my nails with my false teeth and looking for the real issues.

Smoking Ban Alerts
May 1, 2005

The following states have strong bills that include 100% smokefree workplaces and/or restaurants and/or bars; OR repeals preemption:
Alabama: SB413 (restaurants and bars)—Favorable 2nd reading in committee
Connecticut: HB5067 (bingo)
District of Columbia: B16-0187 (workplaces, restaurants, and bars), B16-0193 (workplaces, restaurants, and bars)
Georgia: HB426 (workplaces, restaurants, and bars)
Illinois: HB672 (repeals preemption)—Passed House, sent to Senate, SB254 (repeals preemption)—Passed Senate, sent to House
Maine: LD160 (bingo/gambling/clubs)—Died, LD886 (workplaces)
Minnesota: SF404 (workplaces, restaurants, and bars; HF412 (workplaces, restaurants, and bars)
Michigan: SB394/HB4624 (restaurants), SB395/HB4625 (workplaces)
New York: S4375 (casinos)
North Carolina: H76 (restaurants), H239 (partial preemption repeal)—Sent to Governor, H480 (partial preemption repeal)—Amended
Oregon: SB544 (repeals preemption and 100% restaurants); HB2496 (repeals preemption and 100% restaurants)
Pennsylvania: SB602 (workplaces, restaurants, and bars)
Rhode Island: HB6332 (bars)—Sent to Governor
South Carolina: S374 (repeals preemption)—Judiciary committee favorably reported, H3759 (restaurants)
Vermont: HB91 (restaurants and bars); HB421 (restaurants and bars)—Passed House
Washington: SB5592 / HB1714 (restaurants and bars)—Died
Wisconsin: AB372 (restaurants and bars)

The following states have weak bills that include ventilation, smoking rooms, or other key exemptions:
Arkansas: HB1390—Died, SB1122—Died
Colorado: SB207—Amended and passed Senate
Georgia: SB90—Sent to Governor for approval
Indiana: HB1202—Died
Kansas: HB2495
Maine: LD1417
New Jersey: S1926 / A3424—Amended and passed Senate Committee, A3730/ A3975
North Dakota: SB2300)—Signed by Governor
Tennessee: SB44 / HB1693
Washington: HB1109—Died, HB1253—Died

The following states have bills that weaken a current strong law:
Connecticut: HB5801, HB5138, HB6856
Florida: S1348—Amended and Passed Senate, H1297—Passed Commerce committee
Idaho: S1001—Died, S1023—Approved by Governor; SCR109A—Died
Maine: LD1186
Massachusetts: SB1214, SB1228, HB2623, HB2612
Minnesota: SF0108
New York: S74, S1123, S1256, A5677, S2370, HB2628
North Carolina: SB482 / HB628—Passed Senate, sent to House
Rhode Island: HB5020, HB5314, HB6311

The following states have preemptive bills:
Minnesota: HF564 / SF560
Montana: HB661—Died, HB643—Signed by Governor
Nebraska: LB730
Tennessee: SB45/HB1686
Washington: HB1670 / SB5909—Died

The following states have other provisions and should be watched:
Alabama: SB412—Favorable 2nd reading in committee
Arkansas: HB1193—Approved as Act 134
California: AB616—Amended
Connecticut: HB6186
Florida: S7034—Amended in committee; S1308—Passed Senate and Sent to House
Hawaii: HB1394, SB1468—Passed Health committee and sent to Judicial committee; SR106/SCR196/HR16/HCR216
Illinois: HB1516, HB1518
Indiana: HB1428—Died
Louisiana: SB314
Maine: LD1156
Massachusetts: SB1271, HB2718, HB2717, SB2640
Nebraska: LB6—Placed on general file, LB305—Placed on general file, LB613—Amended to include provisions of LB604
Nevada: AB118—Passed Assembly, sent to House
New York: A420a
North Carolina: S1
North Dakota: SB2307
Oregon: SB494
Rhode Island: SB937
South Carolina: S351—Sent to Judiciary committee
Washington: SB5114—Died
Wisconsin: AB310, SB173
From: Protect Local Control

Here is a list of local laws the Antis are pushing for and who they are writing to in order to take our smoking and property rights away.

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