Real Texas Freedom

Friday, September 29, 2006

Protecting the People

Regardless of what is said,the only protection being provided the American people at this time is for the wealthy, corporations, drug companies, insurance companies, government agencies and politicians.

None of these protections are worth a single drop of American military blood. We are at war. Millions are without medical care. Eligible SS recipients are being ripped off. Homeless people are everywhere while vacancies trouble the housing industry. Incomes and purchasing power are rotten while investments are at record highs. Federal government debt is being handled by foreigners and SS recipients.

JFK lowered the tax bracket for the wealthy from 90% to 70% while proclaiming loopholes still kept the wealthy from paying taxes. He didn't get the chance for corrections. After WWII,the Marshall Plan, the GI Bill, funding of state governments and other Federal Spending set up the country for years of prosperity, spin and political propaganda destroyed the minds of the voters and the economy. It's time for another 90% tax bracket, a tougher inheritance tax and removal from office all those who have contributed to the growing demise of the American way of life.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Contact With Austin American-Statesman-Spin

Your story about Ann Richards and her cancer, in which you spinned a strong link between cancer and smoking and drinking, just furthers the lies and power play politics used by junk science and constitutional illiterates. There's too many old smokers and drinkers around!

Even Ann Richards was 73 and didn't drink or smoke for 25 years. I know our educational system is faulted but I am wondering, "Where did you go to school?"