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Friday, January 26, 2007



According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the U'S. population topped 300 million January 26th. The Bureau's Historical National Population Estimates - July 1, 1900 to July 1, 1999 reported in 2000 that the population in 1946, the beginning of the WWll Baby Boomer growth, was 141,388,566. In 1956, the end of the boomer period, the population was 168,903,031, an increase of 27 and 1/2 million. Where does the regularly published figure of 78 million baby boomers come from? Lobster claw regeneration or cellular division? Many of the 27 1/2 million are dead. Many never fulfilled their 10 year work requirement to obtain eligibility for SS.
The 300 million figure is a result of normal population growth, economic growth, immigration and other factors, not baby boomers. Semantics can't hide the efforts to destroy the SS system and place eligible beneficiaries in the poverty category.
The payroll tax may be the best way to keep employers from passing the cost on to consumers but it belongs to eligible SS recipients only. The government needs to find another way to fund itself. With a projected national debt of 11 trillion dollars, much of it owed to current SS eligibles, not SSI recipients or other retirees, only the truth should prevail. Robbing the elderly won't solve long term economic problems. The elderly deserve what they paid for NOW.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

End of History - Politics of Poerty

This is a reply to a talk by NYU profesor Mead on C-span.

I caught your talk on C-span and have a few comments:

History won't end as long as there are people, pencils and paper around.

We may always have the poor with us but most are pushed through the cracks rather than falling and poverty can be dealt with fairly.

To assume that the impoverished have no political power is to assume that the power of the pen and the power of the ballot box are redundant.

Welfare reform was a joke for knowledgeable people and dope dealers.

The U.S. has handled the violent predictions of Marx and others successfully so far. Hopefully, conservative thinking and power will not change the direction.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Issues And False Premises

Listed below are current issues to be considered by the federal government:
Lowered interest rates for student loans - There shouldn't be loans to begin with. Tuition for state schools was always reasonable, even for those who worked their way through college, like I did, before the tax rate for the wealthy was lowered.
SS reform - Money for eligible SS recipients is there. Using the money for all other government endeavors is illegal, morally wrong, and certainly criminal. The only change needed is to pay current beneficiaries what is owed to them and to stop holding back money that is supposed to be paid out as collected, as the program was originally designed to do. Making illegal aliens eligible after only 18 months, compared to 10 years for legal Americans, is just another way of robbing the elderly of what belongs to them.
Increase in the minimum wage - If employers can't pay their employees what it takes to live on, they shouldn't be in business. Dollar amounts are relative only to the condition of the economy at a given time.
War in Iraq - This war was started on 9-11. After 6 years, it's time for the U.S. to move its bowels or get off the pot.
Political ethics - Investigations can't discover all the unethical behavior and an entire administration can't be impeached or charged.