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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Issues And False Premises

Listed below are current issues to be considered by the federal government:
Lowered interest rates for student loans - There shouldn't be loans to begin with. Tuition for state schools was always reasonable, even for those who worked their way through college, like I did, before the tax rate for the wealthy was lowered.
SS reform - Money for eligible SS recipients is there. Using the money for all other government endeavors is illegal, morally wrong, and certainly criminal. The only change needed is to pay current beneficiaries what is owed to them and to stop holding back money that is supposed to be paid out as collected, as the program was originally designed to do. Making illegal aliens eligible after only 18 months, compared to 10 years for legal Americans, is just another way of robbing the elderly of what belongs to them.
Increase in the minimum wage - If employers can't pay their employees what it takes to live on, they shouldn't be in business. Dollar amounts are relative only to the condition of the economy at a given time.
War in Iraq - This war was started on 9-11. After 6 years, it's time for the U.S. to move its bowels or get off the pot.
Political ethics - Investigations can't discover all the unethical behavior and an entire administration can't be impeached or charged.


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