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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Onward Hitler Soldiers

Anti-Smokers in Virginia, a major producer of cigarettes for 400 years, have once again used the Big Lie propaganda on second hand smoke to convince the state legislature there to ban smoking in all public places. The Senate passed the legislation by 3 votes but it isn't expected to pass in the House and whether or not the Governor will veto if it does pass is not known.

Backers of the bill cited health issues and public pressure as reasons for the action. It was determined that the public health issue is the only legal way to establish a ban. It's the most successful victory for junk science since Hitler's persecution of the Jews.

Sadly, the anti-smoking movement endangers the very foundation of American democracy. Junk science can put just about anything Americans do in the health category. Common sense and respect for the rights of all Americans, in spite of majority opinions, is necessary. To not like a smell or a certain group of people are not reasons for legal action and health reasons must be based on true science that includes the entire general public. Individuals who endanger their own health without endangering the general public, have lost out in this new era of Hitler rule. Onward Hitler Soldiers and destroy American Democracy!


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