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Friday, December 09, 2005

Supply and Demand

The most redundant statement any modern corporate executive can utter is an excuse for raising prices related to supply and demand.

Giant corporations control prices on all goods and services at all levels. All the traffic will bear!!! There just isn't any competition.

Weather, war or whatever doesn't slow them down. They take all they can get away with, whether they destroy their markets or not.

Cattlemen have fussed about having to feed their cattle because the market won't provide a profit, while a good steak costs over $20.00 a pound at the grocery store. Ground meat went from 69 cents a pound six months ago, to over $3.00 a pound now. Gasoline prices were lowered because of consumer disgust, not supply and demand. Then there's medical care, insurance, drugs, energy, groceries, cheap labor overseas products and just about everything else.

Supply and demand sucks.


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