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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Money and Power

It is difficult to understand how so many people can live under the mistaken impression that they are secure and free in a nation falling apart.
If those who would help don't have the funds to do battle with power, money, ignorance and untruth, then everybody loses.
There are no lies and deceit associated with the likes of Samantha Phillipe. Since I began working on the computer in 2000, she has guided and directed me all the way. I have never received money for what I do and enjoy writing and fussing with people. The internet provided me a perfect way to spend retirement.
Even the internet, though, has begun to make it more difficult to practice free speech. Google won't sell ads for you if they don't like your content, for instance. In order to make money, the blog must fit criteria common to all misguided media. Rules make it next to impossible for anyone without funds to obtain the proper tools to reach people.
I live off Social Security. If you can help, send me a few bucks, after you help Samantha.

Sam Nettles
P. O. Box 913
Hutto, Texas 78634

Sam Nettles -"Real Texas Freedom" or
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From: Samantha Phillipe
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Subject: [thesmokersclub] Help request from the Newsletter

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Please send a handout to me today:

Samantha Phillipe

PO Box 814

Center Conway, NH 03813-0814

This is crucial and we need you, as freedom loving people interested in your property rights, to stand with us. Help us make the Newsletter a bigger and better place! Never in history has a section of the population this large needed to come together to stand up for our rights.

I hate begging for money letters, I’d rather have a root canal then ask for money. But I’m afraid I have no choice. We are growing so fast that all growth has to stop without funds to pay for computer equipment and more server space.

Please write me out a check or money order and mail it today. I’m not asking for a lot from anyone, just $5, or more if you can. If you can’t, I understand. I have less then that in my wallet right now and have even taken my car off the road to pay computer bills. I just can’t do it alone any more. The tobacco companies won’t help their own customers. Antis want you to think there is only their side to the issues. Guess what? It’s not working… that’s why our computer demands have caused me to write this awful letter begging for help. Please send money, or buy advertising space from us, or help in some other way for the cause. If we don’t grow, we are helping “them” to take away one of our rights after another until there is nothing left.

Please help, and send this to all your friends.
Thank you,


Samantha Phillipe - The Smoker's Club, Inc. -
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