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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Timely Correspondence - June-05

You know, it took a Constitutional Amendment to allow the Federal Government to institute prohibition and another to stop the Federal Government from prohibiting the sale and use of alcohol.
Today's decision regarding state and federal powers concerning marijuana seems a far direction from the granting and limitations of constitutional power. A duty to interpret the constitution should include a Logic course, available in Philosophy Departments at most universities.
Regardless of the consequences of today's decision, twisting and mixing issues should be investigated and found out during the Advise and Consent phase of confirmation in the Senate. The State and Federal governments are fighting over powers that shouldn't exist at either level and only the Supreme Court has the power to make this determination.
A straight up or down vote on confirmation, as suggested by the President, is unconstitutional in itself. You can't advise and consent without an investigation. Lifetime appointments have damaged the country enough.

Sam Nettles -"Real Texas Freedom" or
Letter to Free Austin Smokers Group
America is not the same. Without people organizing as you have done, things will only get worse.

Entangled in the political nonsense of movements like the anti-smoking crusade, Americans need to remember the warning of Benjamin Franklin, "Yes, you have a Republic, Madam, if you can keep it."

I hope you haven't given up after the narrow defeat in the smoking ban election. In a representative form of Democracy, only the leaders of such idiocy are accountable. Our founding fathers knew that people would not be able to handle the ignorance that pervades a pure democracy. The leadership forces in Austin deserve a battle on all fronts. They are wrong legally, historically, governmentally, socially and culturally. They demonstrate absolutely what is wrong with our education system. Wisdom and knowledge seem doomed in the present American climate of political correctness. Please continue your efforts.

NYC Police Lady Audrey Silk

LOL!! Holy cow... did you say that all in one breath or did you take one in between? :-)

Adding you to the boycott participant list. Thanks Sam!!


From: sam nettles
To: Audrey Silk
Sent: Sunday, June 05, 2005 2:54 AM

Well, I don't know that much about New York politics but anybody with that much money in New York has to be a conservative!!!!!!!!! Of course, FDR has turned out to be a conservative, too, in my mind.
Not that I'm a liberal, I'm just tired of corporate state big money, democrats, republicans, conservatives and liberals ripping everybody off. I'm tired of cheap labor, lack of real competition, growth tied to debt, privatization, unemployment, free money to the Federal Reserve, lies, life style infringement, ignorance, benefit dodging, high prices and low incomes, loss of family farms, education decline, political incumbents, prohibition, wealthy not paying their fair share, inadequate health care, gradual destruction of Social Security, state and local government inadequacy, the no-win War on Drugs, lobbies, the religious right, Californians invading my home county, sickly free enterprise, immigration policies, stock market volatility, main stream media, TV writers with an agenda, accountants and bankers, Wal Mart and the ACS.
I guess you better add Real Texas Freedom to the list of boycott participants!!!!! Sam
From: Audrey Silk
To: sam nettles

Sent: Saturday, June 04, 2005 8:55 PM

Bloomberg a Conservative?? LMAO. He's a self-proclaimed Liberal Democrat who ran for mayor as a Republican for political expediency. So please don't offend me like that again :-)

And hey, how come Real Texas Freedom isn't on the list of ACS boycott participants?

Hmm, seems I didn't ask :-( Would you like to be a listed participant?

(read about it at

Subject: Letter to CNN Headline News- Copied and Pasted
Obesity story- There are no "solid" numbers about smoking tobacco causing death. I've been a heavy smoker for over 55 years and am forced to roll my own 3 packs a day because of the price of cigarettes. Along with millions of other old smokers around the world, I'm still alive. The well funded anti-smoking campaign, using smokers money, is making fools out of the main stream media.

Sam Nettles -"Real Texas Freedom"
A Friend in Canada
Agreed. However, Conservatives like Mayor Bloomberg in New York City, continue to use the issue to their advantage. Your Government recently dodged a fall but what would you have if it did fall? Throw all the rascals out!!!!!!!
Until conservatives are willing to pay their fair share and liberals stop taking money from anywhere they can get it, our lifestyles will suffer and statesmanship will continue to breathe with a death rattle, and it won't be because of tobacco smoke.
For all the reasons, the majority of Canadians has been wrong on just about everything. Ventilation should be a decision for property owners only. It would be nice everywhere but I still like smoky old pool rooms, bars and restaurants.
There's always been smoking restrictions but working from the false premise that property owners can be forced to apply restrictions that free choice dictates otherwise, is just wrong. We got along fine with a common sense application.

I suppose there are many cover up issues, each group having their own list. Major air polluters are happy to blame tobacco smoke. So are doctors who have a culprit to blame when they don't know what they are doing. Airlines, who started the major federal involvement, saved millions when they switched the cabin air intake system and didn't have to worry about a smoker backlash. There are many reasons to blame tobacco smoke and a ready made prejudice made it easy for all. If you are a non-smoker, you just don't care and if you are an anti-smoker, you don't like the smell.
Of course, the money and political parts are all encompassing. The polarizing effects are enormous and easy to capitalize on.
The other possibility you mention covers a lot of ground. My first wife was a Registered Nurse and I studied one of her college textbooks, Tabor's Medical Encyclopedia, pretty extensively. Nicotine stimulates the pituitary gland, which regulates all the other glands. It cuts back hormones when there are too many and adds hormones when there aren't enough. There's enough medical stuff there to make doctors and druggists cringe with worry over medicating losses. The drug Wellbutrin, an anti-depressant, works like nicotine and was developed during one of the smoking studies. A pill can't replace the action of smoking, though, and the drug's side effects are enormous and dangerous. Smoking only causes a constriction of blood vessels robbing oxygen from the body. Too much oxygen will give you a headache, anyway.

I could go on and on but I really believe that human genetics holds all the answers and will answer all the questions shortly, if they'll stop spending all the money on anti-smoking studies.


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