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Monday, January 21, 2008

Letter to City of Tyler, Texas

Regarding the City of Tyler's approach to smoking bans, please consider that this movement is a world-wide attempt to undermine the United States, democracy and freedom itself. Behind the movement is a well financed junk science propaganda scheme tailored for the uneducated, ignorant and downright stupid. The validity of common sense is mired in false premise and money-power political designs. A quarter of America's population has enough kidneys and livers to handle the toxins of the world without any help from local, county, state and federal governments. This generation needs to learn from history and economic textbooks the idiocy of Prohibition and oppresisve government controls.

Sam Nettles
Hutto, Texas

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Alabama Spin Garbage

American Cancer Society Study‏
sam nettles (
Mon 1/14/08 10:42 AM

Your story on the above named study in Alabama is spun the wrong way. Second hand smoke studies have all been firmly established as junk science. ACS methods have been questioned and funding has suffered. Go to for details.
More than a quarter of Americans smoke cigarettes. All efforts to scientifically prove the dangers of second hand tobacco smoke have failed. Even if the dangers did exist, smoke is not smallpox or the bubonic plague and governments unconstitutionally meddle with individual rights. The unwinding accumulation of government intrusions leaves out free choice and freedom itself.
A free society is dangerous but an oppressive government is totally destructive.

Sam Nettles -
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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Canadian Freedom

A few comments from last week:

Thanks Sam

You sure have a 'way' with words..What a 'gift':)

Tom Laprade

I don't consider you negative, Sam.

I consider you as truthful.

Bill Murawski

Answer to Gian Turci:

Yes, I sent you a copy but I haven't heard from the Edmonton Journal. I did write "When."

Also, I think I'm older than you so I have less confidence in the "Majority." :) Neither did America's founders when they wrote the constitution!!!
Oh well, people figure things out sooner or later so I shouldn't be so negative:) :)


Very nice letter! Did you send it to them?

Also, I don't even believe that the "uneducated, etc." IS the majority. The majority is utterly indifferent, in my opinion. It is a vociferous fanatic MINORITY that rules.


From: samnett@msn.comTo:

Norman Temple's letter justifying smoking bans and other government intrusions demonstrates what happens in a democracy when the uneducated, ill-informed, biased and ignorant majority manages to gain control with the help of money and power interests.

Responsible leaders who allow such nonsensical actions in the name of social improvement are the true anti-freedom movers. Historical condemnation of these fools is the only force now capable of reversing this fast moving band wagon which is slowly destroying freedom and democracy in the world.

Sam Nettles

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Picking A Presidential Candidate

Well, the presidential campaign has been going on for a year or so and there remains many voters left out of candidates to vote for and issues to be resolved:


1. Illegal immigrants
2. Corporate Interests
3. Gun Control
4. Anti-Smokers
5. Tax Cuts for the Wealthy
6. Off - Brand Religions
7. Bring the Troops Home
8. Invalid Community Action
9. Unfair "Fair Tax"
10. Prohibitionists
11. Constitutional Changers
12. Uneducated Activists
13. Energy Profit Interests
14. Supply Side Economics
15. Welfare Myth Makers
16. Big Money Medical Industries
17. Insurance Companies
18. Loss of Freedom Promoters


1. Consumers
2. Property Owners
3. Smokers
4. Drinkers
5. Gamblers
6. Speeders
7. Drug Users
8. Drivers
9. Checks and Balances Gun Owners (The Ultimate Constitutional Protection Against An Oppressive Government)
10. Students
11. Middle Income and Poor Tax Payers
12. Social Security Beneficiaries
13. Veterans
14. Economic Truth
15. Workers
16. Religious Truth
17. Small Business
18. Freedom Truth

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