Real Texas Freedom

Friday, February 08, 2008

American Leaders

I thought Mitt Romney gave an excellent speech when he dropped out of the presidential race. I wanted to punch him in the nose, though, when he started in on that conservative Ronald Reagan Rush Limbaugh crap.

The latest Republican phrase coined by the spin artists is "hard working Americans." Every one of'em from Bush on down uses it in all their public utterances. It's almost as bad as the Democrats' "for the good of the community." Well, there's not enough hard working Americans and everything the Democrats want is certainly not in the best interests of the community. Economic idiocy and loss of individual freedom while money accumulates in fewer and fewer hands doesn't help anyone, not even the wealthy.

Romney may be right about the country needing a military leader at this time, regardless of who's to blame. If the troops don't mind, I certainly don't.