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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Canadian Freedom

A few comments from last week:

Thanks Sam

You sure have a 'way' with words..What a 'gift':)

Tom Laprade

I don't consider you negative, Sam.

I consider you as truthful.

Bill Murawski

Answer to Gian Turci:

Yes, I sent you a copy but I haven't heard from the Edmonton Journal. I did write "When."

Also, I think I'm older than you so I have less confidence in the "Majority." :) Neither did America's founders when they wrote the constitution!!!
Oh well, people figure things out sooner or later so I shouldn't be so negative:) :)


Very nice letter! Did you send it to them?

Also, I don't even believe that the "uneducated, etc." IS the majority. The majority is utterly indifferent, in my opinion. It is a vociferous fanatic MINORITY that rules.


From: samnett@msn.comTo:

Norman Temple's letter justifying smoking bans and other government intrusions demonstrates what happens in a democracy when the uneducated, ill-informed, biased and ignorant majority manages to gain control with the help of money and power interests.

Responsible leaders who allow such nonsensical actions in the name of social improvement are the true anti-freedom movers. Historical condemnation of these fools is the only force now capable of reversing this fast moving band wagon which is slowly destroying freedom and democracy in the world.

Sam Nettles


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