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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ron Paul and Rote Memory

I watched Ron Paul's talk at the Politics and Eggs breakfast in New Hampshire and now know why he never impressed me before he started rising in the polls and money raising. I couldn't even remember what he had said when I watched him before. It occurred to me that he does have a good mind but like so many medical doctors, he has trouble diagnosing. Rote memory minds learn what they are exposed to but are not creative and have the tendency to twist what they have learned to fit the false premises of their experiences. Paul is very good at talking about economic policies that don't fit the 21st century. The Gold Standard, for instance, won't allow you to do any more than the amount of gold you have will allow you to do. A Production Standard, however, creates power and wealth beyond the amount of gold you might possess and allows you to pursue objectives like space travel, much too costly for a gold standard. He also stated that Social Security might be without funds when youngsters reach retirement age, which is an impossibility. He said that government financing of health care is socialized medicine. Regulation and financing is not socialism. Socialism means government ownership. Governments regulate all interaction between individuals, from robbery and murder to business transactions. That's not ownership. It's responsibility. He's worried about the value of the dollar when the U.S. is the most wealthy and powerful nation to ever exist. All the U.S. has to worry about is maintaining the middle class and providing consumption monies for everybody. Only top heavy societies crumble historically. He went on and on with his organized nonsense, like an elementary student reciting dates and happenings without understanding what it all means.



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