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Monday, October 15, 2007

Electric Cars

I haven't had time to watch but about half of the electric car video but I remember California's efforts well.

I'm all for development of the electric car, have been since I watched battery powered fork lifts operate in the 50's, when middle class Americans bought new cars every two years. Gas was only 17 or 18 cents a gallon and new cars were a couple thousand dollars. Manufacturers bought up the rights to all money saving inventions. One guy in England used gas made from manure from his flock of chickens. Even then, people were concerned about money and companies were fighting new money saving inventions.

My main concern has always been for the production of a small, cheap vehicle that can run me around town, without concern about clean air, smog or other concerns. I'd like to see the reintroduction of the Model A Ford. The Model T would be better but you have to crank it. All you needed to work on them was some wire and a pair of pliers. I think the elimination of leaded gasoline was a mistake. Not enough oil in the world to damage the atmosphere but I know the world is against me!!!! I did use an electric scooter to run to the store with my flight bag a few years ago in Ft. Worth. Only cost around a hundred dollars.

I guess now that hydrogen power is next and the status quo can be maintained till the cost comes down. Then it will probably go to sound waves from Rap Music creating energy, which will maintain the status quo even longer.

Whatever, the 1955 chevy I bought with my dad's signature, right after I graduated High School, was the best car ever made


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Thanks for responding . . . I agree with you, Sam.

It certainly appears to me that the political hacks -- whomever they may be -- have found three issues to undermine our freedoms here in America. The three groups are the "environmentalists" (and now Gore is leading the way), those who believe that all second hand smoke causes all of the cancers in the world; and the "animal activists" (such as PETA and the ASPCA) who line their pockets with using carriage horses as their "poster children".

As a person who is more than likely the most staunch defender of the environment, if people would only wake up and take the bull by the horns, I believe the reliance on non-renewable resources would be greatly decreased. For example . . .

Who Killed the Electric Car is a movie about the electric car industry that was effectively shut down in California by this administration. You can watch it at

So now what is the push? Hybrids! How wonderful that they are using the food of the poor to fuel the bellies of the rich?

And don't get me started about the smoking bans . . . . ;))))




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