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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Al Gore's Nobel Peace Prize - My Comment in USA Today

I had to change "crap" to "garbage" before USA Today would publish, even though the national TV news reporters use the word regularly. The newspapers are behind the times!!!


I recently wrote a friend of mine about Global Warming: Tom, I've been watching National Geographic and the scientific worries about the rising sea level has me puzzled. I thought maybe you could help me since you are now interested in global warming and may have come across something on the subject.Now, I wasn't a good chemistry student but I remember something about volume displacement and the formulas involved. I can't remember once when a drink overflowed as the ice melted. Of course, the scientists say the sea level MIGHT rise and destroy our coastlines but they aren't sure. Ocean surges might create some problems but what happens to the void when the glaciers break off and float to the ocean? If you keep adding too much ice to your drink, it'll overflow, but if you could immediately freeze the overflow and add it to your ice bucket, the supply of constant water would allow you to drink till you passed out without spilling a drop. The same is true if you used the overflow to pour into the ice bucket. You'd probably pass out before the ice melted but maybe you get my point. I know the scientists can't calculate for sure what might happen, but what do you think?Tom wrote back that it was all hysteria, a bunch of garbage. It seems that the Nobel Prize bunch is turning against us along with most of the rest of the world. Water increases volume with freezing and returns to size when melted. The consequences of melting glaciers can't affect shore lines that much. Also, not one scientist testifying before congress, even though they believed human activity contributes to global warming, stated that there was scientific proof that such is the case.Gore has said in news reports that second hand tobacco smoke contributes to global warming. It's hard to believe that Gore now has backing for a run for the presidency!!!!!!
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