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Friday, July 20, 2007

Sam, Give Me Your Opinion Of This

I don't have much of an opinion. I know that a strong list of candidates is really necessary in these trying times but it seems they are all using the same old political appeal to whatever they think the voters want to here. The media seems to look for ways to promote whatever agenda they want and spin accordingly.

I liked McCain initially but Sandra doesn't like him, mainly because of his stand on illegal immigrants. He doesn't seem to be able to weather the storm. Maybe he'll come back. He's just in the wrong party and can't get the nomination with big money in control.

Hillary Clinton is a menopausal flip flopper. Barak Obama quit smoking for the stupid anti-smoker vote. Edwards is appealing but he gets $400.00 haircuts. Guiliana was great after 9-11 but everything else is off base. Thompson is an actor and we certainly don't need any more actors in the White House after dummy Ronald Reagan. Mit Romney is undecipherable. Bloomberg should understand that he will keep his money no matter what happens and quit promoting the robbery of everybody else. The few times I've heard Ron Paul say anything on TV left me an amnesiac. He's so wrong he can't be understood or remembered. Bill Richardson is an immature stupido. None of the candidates understand Social Security or the Health Care System.

Until the voters overcome all the lies they've been fed over the last several years and demand the truth from the candidates, and the candidates are able to communicate that truth, I guess we'll be stuck with more mediocrity.
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isnt it amazing that the leading candidate with the voters and the only one that adheres to the constitution is completely ignored by the so called conservative party, makes you wonder what direction they really want us to go doesnt it
Rudy Takala July 19, 2007
With the decline of John McCain’s campaign treasury comes the accentuation of a spectacle worth noting. McCain currently has $2 million available in his campaign bank account; that puts him in fourth place among Republicans after Ron Paul, who has $2.4 million.
A couple of months ago, Saul Anuzi, chair of the Michigan GOP, petitioned to have Ron Paul banned from future debates. The reason, to summarize, was because he was doing better in polls regarding debate performance than any of the “top three” candidates. “I think Congressman Ron Paul … doesn't represent any of the Republican Party base” and is “getting in the way of the real debate of how to move our party” forward.
In a logical world, now that Paul is in the top three of everything except for media-controlled polls, Anuzi would petition to ban now-second-tier candidates like McCain, and pro-abortion candidates such as Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani, who are no longer contributing anything to the party. But for some reason, that isn’t happening.
By every possible measure of grassroots support, Ron Paul is a top-tier candidate for the Republican nomination. After the money, nothing points to that more than the most recent straw poll out of New Hampshire, conducted by the Coalition for New Hampshire Taxpayers. Paul won with 65% of the vote. Giuliani came in second with 8%.
On the social networking site Facebook, members are able to express support for their favorite candidate. Currently, Barack Obama is first with 35,000 votes. Giuliani is second with 13,000. Hillary is third with 11,000, and Paul is fourth with just over 10,000. Thompson is fifth, Romney is sixth, and McCain comes in at a stunning 9th.
As of June 27th, more than 18,000 people subscribed for Ron Paul updates on the video site YouTube. Barack Obama was second with 8,500. McCain was ninth with 1,400.
In order to prevent a conservative from winning the Republican primary, the media is looking for more contenders they can ordain as “top-tier” and who can actually stay in the top eight for more than a week. Sean Hannity lent a helping hand to unannounced contender Fred Thompson a while back, described in a June 8th column of Robert Novak’s. Thompson began to say something that seemed to hint he supported abortion:
“‘I would not be and never have been for a law that says, on the state level, if I were [a senator] voting on this… that, if they chose to criminalize a young woman, and --.’ Co-host Sean Hannity then interrupted: ‘So, states rights for you?’ Thompson replied: ‘Essentially, federalism. It's in the Constitution.’”
The month before, a caller to Rush Limbaugh asked him to support Ron Paul. In the midst of talking about how it wouldn’t be ethical for him to influence the primary process because he alone could determine the outcome, he said Paul didn’t have “a snowball’s chance” and said his views on foreign policy were “not realistic.”
To someone who’d likely say we should only support “electable” candidates, and who defines electable as being whomever he happens to support, it’s another way of endorsing the “anybody but Paul” candidate.
If Paul received a quarter of the media support the other candidates received, he’d be equal to Barack Obama. That a member of the U.S. House could hold third place in a presidential race is unprecedented in modern times. Even with the wrath of Saul Anuzi and every Republican media pundit in the country coming down upon him, he still wins every poll regarding debate performance. His popularity among those who see and hear him persists, even as every powerbroker in the party and in the media opposes him.
Given his level of support, I like Pat Buchanan’s suggestion. “By all means, throw out of the debate the only man who was right from the beginning on Iraq.” The effort to do so will betray what insufferable, depraved, self-righteous, power-mad, psychosis-stricken morons are leading our party.
A friend of mine who works for a Congressional representative has been muttering frequently as of late, “Light shines brightest in the darkest places.” By all means, let the darkness continue. That metaphor is the singular explanation for Ron Paul’s meteoric ascendancy. He is the northern star personified.
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