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Saturday, February 06, 2010

American Mindsets

I haven't written much in the last year. My wife has been recuperating from a heart attack. Not that I haven't wanted to but I have priorities. Besides, it's hard to get the truth out with all the sidetracking phony issues now being considered. The least I can do is try to break down some of the mindsets that have created our present circumstances;

To begin with, socialism means government ownership, not government control. Conservatives have been screaming "socialism and communism" ever since they screwed up the world with their economics during the 1920's and attempts were made to correct their mistakes.

A bibical approach to economics would be to take care of the poor. When the poor spend money, it flows throughout the economy. The religious "right" seems to overlook this basic truth.

Conservatives would rather take care of the rich. Liberals tie everything to what is best for the community and forget about the individuals.

Freedom is not a question of positioning. There is no aristocracy. Freedom is for the great and the small with justice for all. Money-Power control is not justice for all.

America is a representative democracy, not a pure democracy. I suppose that with the computer, everybody could vote for every law and action by all levels of government but I certainly hope not!!! Purity would surely kill us all under a system like that.

I suppose that a devine advice for American voters would be, "Your free choice will provide what you deserve."

Sam Nettles


At February 7, 2010 at 11:23 AM, Blogger Mark said...

Hopefully your wife's recovering is going well.

Class warfare is a hallmark of the liberal argument. Rich conservatives are bad, Democrats are the party of the people. But the fact is neither argument is true any longer (my family used to vote Democrat for generations). Democrat elitists have far more wealth than conservatives today, George Soros, Al Gore, nearly every Hollywood multi-millionaire, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, even Warren Buffet campaigned for social, liberal, elitist Barack Hussein Obama. As for vilifying conservatives and business owners, they provide the jobs for 80% of Americans......"poor people" don't provide jobs. But liberals, Democrats keep "poor" people dependent upon them by providing government programs, welfare, etc. so that they have a loyal voting pool. Even union members are duped (unless they're government employed) union members receive paychecks from companies vilified by Democrats, yet if and when liberal and Democrat over-regulatory and over-taxing policies shut down businesses......those union members lose jobs as well.

Democrat and liberal politicians kill businesses and jobs by over-regulation (smoking bans are a great example), and excessive taxation. Conservatives want limited government & low taxes, if it were up to me we would eliminate every federal department except defense......which is the only thing government does that a private company cannot. Private free market capitalism built this country into the greatest nation on earth......and massive spending, liberal, big government over-regulation will be it's downfall. Socialism and liberalism are inter-changeable as far as I'm concerned.....I know because my political science professor taught (or tried to teach us) how great socialism was 20 years ago......I and others flatly rejected it after months of consideration. So even though liberals may have good intentions in writing new laws (and creating massive new bureaucracies) to "protect" us from ourselves, in fact they only serve to destroy the businesses and jobs that we all depend upon for our livelihoods.

And trying to make us all dependent upon government welfare programs does not work either......for those government programs are funded by taxes paid by working Americans.......if liberals, socialists, or Democrats finally succeed in thrusting 50-100% of us into government programs.......who then pays the taxes to fund those programs?......Liberals void of logic, can't seem to think that far.


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