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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Al Gore and Politics

I learned a long time ago about how politics causes those involved to pick issues the voters know little about to demonstrate superiority and capture that ignorance. Al Gore is the best example of this trickery.

No definite scientific proof that human activity contributes to global warming but Al Gore writes books about it and makes movies. He has even stated that second hand tobacco smoke contributes to global warming. This plays to anti-smokers but is total absurdity, which destroys what little credibility he might have with the learned.

Tuesday night on Larry King Live, Gore out did himself. Playing to young workers, Gore answered a question about what he would do if he was president by stating that, though impractical, he would lower the payroll tax by taxing polluters and moving the money to the payroll collection. This would hurt those workers in the future as polluters met standards and quit paying the tax which would help all those current efforts to destroy the SS system. After all, Gore broke the tie in the senate which started taxation of SS benefits. When he was running for president, a question from the audience about income taxes on unemployment benefits prompted an answer that he didn't know about it but would check into it. I haven't heard anything about it since, from him or anyone else in the public eye.

Al Gore doesn't belong anywhere in an American leadership position.


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